Q1: Can I apply for accommodation?

  1. If the applying student and both parents have their household registry registered outside of Taipei City and New Taipei City, or if they are registered in remote districts of New Taipei City (Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan, Wanli, Ruifang, Gongliao, Shuangxi, Pingxi, Pinglin, Wulai) for at least two years, then they are eligible for accommodation.
  2. Islander students, Aboriginal students, students with disabilities, and students with low or mid-low income households must provide documents of proof.
  3. Students eligible for accommodation, but are not currently residing in a dormitory may  apply during December to January, or May to June every year. Please keep notice of announcements on the website or emails. Be sure to apply during the designated timeframe.
  4. For undergraduate new students or returning students, graduate students, the application timeline is different and will be announced separately.

Q2: What about accommodation for international students, overseas Chinese students, and mainlander students?

  1. International students receive priority for accommodation during their first semester, but must apply through the Office of International Affairs. Overseas Chinese students and mainlander students also receive priority during their first semester.
  2. After their first semester, they must apply online and draw lots.

Q3: What about accommodation for visiting students and exchange students?

  • Visiting students must apply through college office, department office, or Office of International Affairs 1 month before arriving in Taiwan in order to apply for dorms.
  • Exchange students must apply through college office, department office, or Office of International Affairs 1.5 months before arriving in Taiwan in order to apply for dorms.

Q4: What are some of the e-services I can use during my time at NTU dorms?

  1. You can apply for check-out and refund online. Once you print out the form, take it to your resident director for processing. (link)
  2. Dorm residents may report any maintenance issues online. (link)
  3. Dorm residents can join online safety drills. (link)

Q5: When are the safety drills?

Q6: What if I’m a returning student?

  1. If you are returning for the first semester (September), be sure to apply for on-campus dorms in June beforehand, or July for BOT dorms.
  2. If you are returning for the second semester (February), please apply in December the previous year.
  3. Returning students in the first semester, will be prioritized below first year freshmen. There is a chance you may be put on a waiting list and must wait until after school starts for a dorm. Please be ready to find other temporary residences. Disabled students, low and mid-low income students, islander students and aboriginal students receive priority, but are still below first year freshmen.
  4. Returning students in the second semester usually can be accommodated before school starts.
  5. Please take notice of the Student Housing Service Division’s website, BOT Prince House’s website, and your student inbox for announcements and information.
  6. The accommodation year limit is calculated by your student ID, regardless of whether you transferred departments or schools, or if you took leave of absence. Example: Department of Chinese Literature has a limit of four years, so a resident with ID starting with B07 may only reside until the end of the 2021 academic year.

Q7: If a student violates the dormitory regulations and is unsatisfied with the prosecution, how would they appeal?

  1. Dormitory Management Committee
  2. Appeal Review Committee
  3. Petition to the Ministry of Education

Q8: Transgender Student Dormitory Application
Students with special needs should fill out a student special needs report form and along with related documents of proof, apply to the Student Housing Service Division. 
If you have any inquiries please contact Ms. Feng: anhua@ntu.edu.tw or (02)3366-2266

Q9: Dorm Air-Conditioner IC Card Sale locations

Dorm Air-Conditioner IC Card is available at the following locations:

  • Freshman Women Dorm's Cafeteria
  • Family Mart Next to Freshman Women Dorm's Cafeteria
  • Men 1st Dorm's Cafeteria
  • Family Mart Next to Men 1st Dorm's Cafeteria
  • Family Mart on the First Floor of Women 6th Dorm
  • Men 7th Dorm's Cafeteria
  • Hi-life of 3rd Graduate Dorm
  • Commissary of Men 8th Dorm
  • Commissary (Xiao Fu Area 1F)
  • Commissary (Xiao Xiao Fu Area)
  • Commissary (College of Medicine Area B1)

Air-Conditioner IC Cards are 400 TWD each.

You can get back 10 TWD after you return the empty Air-Conditioner IC Cards to the above locations.

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